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Advanced Skin Analysis

Our Advanced Skin analysis goes far beyond a brief discussion of your skin concerns!  

Using in-depth advanced skin imaging technology we are able to see the deeper structures of the skin, this gives us a greater understanding on any underlying skin concerns and what needs to be targeted. With all the detailed questions we ask you like your - Diet, Health, Lifestyle and cosmetic use along with the powerful diagnostic information provided we are then able to get really specific and accurately develop a personalised skincare plan on both a preventative and restorative action utilising a combination of targeted skin treatments and products to effectively address any underlying conditions and truely help you achieve healthy skin that gives you confidence. 

On the day you will also kickstart your skin program with an express LED light therapy session. LED light increases the ATP in your dermal cells. ATP is your cellular currency, it’s the energy that every cell in your body spends every day to function effectively. Skin cells that are low in ATP age prematurely, are more prone to inflammation, heal slowly and are sluggish in their production of collagen and elastin which are essential for providing your skin with continued firmness and elasticity. LED charges your skin cells up with energy so that they function more efficiently and run at peak performance again! Super safe and relaxing.